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Do you like bondage, discipline, tight lacing and other forms of restraint placed upon fetish clad females for the
pleasure and arousal of their masters and mistresses? If so then you have to visit Chris! of England’s
Newest Web Site - Chris Cartonos


We at Erotic-Fantasies.com are so very pleased to be able to introduce you to the work of FemDom artist extraordinaire, Lady Carole.  For those of us who hunger for art works depicting male bondage and true corporal punishment of the completely subjugated male at the hands of strict, no nonsense, haughty females, Lady Carole is a refreshing and terribly exciting response to those powerful yearnings from within. Those of you who are already familiar with her work undoubtedly share our view on this matter.  

Although she professes to have received no special training, her somewhat rough and edgy style is perfectly suited to the depiction of the gauzy, fantasy world she creates for our visual enjoyment, our daydreams, and our breathless excitement. 

Lady Carole’s is a world of an entirely different making, a world where men have become nothing more than a completely down-trodden collection of slaves, servants and beast of burden who are “kept,” either individually or in groups, for the amusement, delight, and sexual gratification of the completely ascendant and dominant female gender. Her’s is a world where females have not only accepted their role as the dominant sex, but have also evolved to the point where they achieve their deepest sexual gratification, and perhaps their destiny, by treating men with absolute contempt, and by inflicting extreme forms of humiliation and corporal punishment, both in public as well as in private. 

Ah yes, for those of us who fantasize about such a world, Lady Carole can provide a breathtaking peek through that veil of dreams.   If you care to see more of this world, Lady Carole has a growing gallery of art works at www.rebsart.com – the link for which can also be found by clicking the banner for that site located on our “Friends” page. We are also hopeful that with proper encouragement, Lady Carole might be persuaded to grace our site with an illustrated serial or two.                 

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